We can refinish your headlight lenses that have been dulled or discolored. This happens due to oxidation from road debris and UV light exposure.  

The process includes cleaning, wet-sanding, and polishing. This will remove up to 90% of your dull haze and most of the surface scratch marks.  Not all scratches will be removed with this process.  A nice polish every now and then should help keep the haze from returning.  You will be amazed how much brighter your headlights are after this process.


 Aquapel is a product that bonds with the glass on a chemical level, lasts for months, and is washable.  Other brands of this type of product can leave a film or residue on your glass.  Some advantages of applying Aquapel: rain beads up and rolls off of windshield, night glare in rain is dramatically reduced, improved vision during driving, and even makes the glass easier to remove bugs, dirt, ice, and snow.  This process usually takes approximately 15 minutes. Include this service with a windshield installation and receive a discount.


Replace your wiper blades with any other service and get a HUGE discount!  Our top of the line blades can be quickly and easily installed for you while another service is being performed on your vehicle.  Ask for your quote today!